At Icons Depot, we collect and publish/review the best icon collections on the web.  Although we may not feature the “ugly” icon packs, we sure do know what people are looking for to create their next web project.

A number of factors are weighed in when reviewing and selecting the icons to be published:

  1. Number of icons in collection.
  2. Overall value for both readers of the site and for people who will be using the icons.
  3. Quality of icons and formats – did the designer include Photoshop/Illustrator and PNG/JPG/GIF, or only one format?
  4. Price – if there is any.
  5. Presentation through the site it was released on and a number of other, smaller factors.

If you feel that an icon collection shouldn’t be placed on the site (or should be removed after posting), please let us know and we’ll work on removing the content or modifying it to suit the request.